Maintenance Of Binding Machines, Electronic Whiteboards, Projection Screens

Binding Machines

You can bind multi documents at a time using our range of binding machine covers. Number depends on thickness of each cover. Remember to use the cooling clamp for a perfect finish. Easily add or delete pages form a bound document. Simply place the document back into the binder and the binding machine will reverse the process automatically allowing you to remove page and replace if required. Once pages sorted, place document in binder again to complete process.

Electronic Whiteboard

Make sure to use our proprietary cleaning fluid to keep your electronic whiteboard screen perfectly clean. This should be applied approx. once a month (depending on use) with a dry clean cloth to keep your electronic whiteboard screen in the best possible condition.

Projection Screens

While all our projection screens have slow retracting mechanisms care should be taken when pulling down and releasing of the screen. Make sure to use the cord or wand provided. Never write on the surface with any type of marker.

Book Covering Machine

Ensure the book covering machine is set up on a firm level surface for best use. A dedicated power supply is also recommended, to prevent any sudden mishaps with your book covering machine. For clean cuts every time please wipe the welding bar with clean dry cloth every few cuts.

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