Q: Why is the thermal binding machine 'Intelligent'?

A: Where all other plastic comb and wire spiral binding machines are very 'hands on'. You need to punch the paper in batches, if you have a large document, then apply the wire or plastic comb. The Intelligent Thermal Binding Machine works automatically, no punching, you do not even have to press a start button. It can save you an enormous amount of time. You can even bind several documents at once.

Q: How does the Intelligent thermal binding machine work?

A: All you do is place the document into the one-piece thermal binding cover and place the thermal cover in the thermal binding machine. The thermal binding machine senses the document and turns the machine on automatically, then turns itself off a few moments later when completed. It's so easy and fast.

Q: How many pages can I bind?

A: You can bind from as little as 10 page up to 200 pages, all automatically. It is just as easy to bind 200 pages as it is to bind 10 pages, and it takes about the same amount of time.

Q: Can I bind more than one document at a time?

A: Yes, you can bind up to 3 documents at a time, depending on the thickness of each cover. This saves you a lot of time when doing a large binding job.

Q: How strong is the bound document?

A: The covers are specially designed to give your document a solid, permanent bind, every time.

Q: How easy is it to add or delete pages from a previously bound document?

A: This is one of the amazing features of the new thermal binding machine. Let's say you have a 100 page document and you want to change page 50. With most binding machines you would have to take the document apart and virtually start all over again. With the Intelligent Binding machine all you do is place the document back in the Intelligent binding machine and after a minute, simply remove page 50 and place the new page in the same position. You no longer have to take the document apart. We make binding easy.

Q: What does the bound document look like?

A: It is modern looking and looks just like a professionally bound book.

Q: How easy is the bound document to file?

A: Unlike other binders that have a comb or wire spine that takes up a lot of room and makes filing difficult, the new binding cover is a slim bound book, making it easy to place in a file.

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