Our computers have become increasingly important and having them stolen goes beyond an inconvenience, if you use your laptop for business it can create huge problems, from corporate espionage through to inability to work. That is why it is vital that you secure your laptop using a easy to use yet durable laptop lock. Laptop locks are vital for anyone who is dependent on their computer; they are a must for anyone with important information on their laptop.

We stock a range of secure and functional laptop locks that will work with virtually every model and make of computer. Feel free to get in contact with us to find out which is the best lock for your computer. Don't let the theft of your laptop damage your business, not when it is so easily prevented. Get a lock and stay secure.

We pride ourselves on our customer service so if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us, we aim to ensure that all of our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase and will go the extra distance to ensure this.

PS Office Products, laptop lock experts. When you need a laptop lock you need PS Office Products.

Universal Combination Security Slot Lock


  • Black sheathed 1.8m cable with looped end
  • Reprogrammable combination lock
  • Keyed locks also available
  • Optional Anchor set (RLAS)

Universal Keyed Security Slot Lock


Ideal protection against opportunist theft of valuable laptops/notebooks. Can be used anywhere where there is an inmovable object that the cable can be looped around.

  • Superior overall security strength and integrity
  • Steel lock body

Notebook Locker


Ideal secure powered storage for Schools, Offices, Universities, Libraries and Offices where multiply laptops are in use.


'Our computer security locks are ideal for all PC's and Laptops and are very popular with all our customers which include schools, government organizations and commercial businesses'

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